Histor. Drama


Lower Austria, Belgium,
Czech Rep.


Philippe Blasband,
Ariel Zeitoun

Novel: Anne und Serge Golon


Ariel Zeitoun


Peter Zeitlinger


Philippe Bourgueil


Nathaniel Mechaly



based on the novels by Anne and Serge Golon

Fresh from her convent education, Angélique, a young and beautiful girl of the provincial nobility, is "sold" by her impoverished father to the Count de Peyrac to be his wife. Rich though he may be, and well respected in the region of Toulouse, Peyrac is as hideous and lame as Angélique is lovely.

Despite the difficult beginnings of their relationship, de Peyrac’s intelligence, humor, and strength of character end up winning Angélique’s heart.

Their life together might have been a fairy tale, were it not for Angélique’s secret - one that will cost her everything. In adolescence, she accidentally overheard a group of noblemen as they discussed the details of their conspiracy against the King. Later, realizing that Angelique is a witness, they decide that they must get rid of her.

Angélique, however, is protected by the love, the power, and the fortune of the Count de Peyrac. Getting at her will require that the noblemen first get him out of the way. Peyrac is tortured, and condemned - even before being tried - to be burned in the Place de Gresves.

After Peyrac’s death, stripped of her title and wealth, rejected by those close to her, and still pursued by the men who wish to be rid of her, only the necessity of supporting her two children keeps her from ending her own life.

For them, she will live. And for them, she will find the energy to fight. And she will avenge Peyrac, whatever the price, in order to remain true to the love they shared.

She will re-write the story of her life from that of a young and innocent noble girl crushed by circumstance, to that of a woman who refuses to give in to injustice and to the will of those who have made a nightmare of her fairy tale.

Her weapon: herself.

Her army: the beggars, thieves, and prostitutes found huddling in the Courtyard of Miracles - the dregs of disenfranchised humanity who will take her in, and one day call her their Marquise.

Her one adversary: the King of France, Louis XIV.

Her goal: to make the journey from the Courtyard of Miracles to the Court of Versailles, to become the favorite of the King, and to slake there her thirst for vengeance.


A co-production with: AJOZ Films, Climax Films, Mona Film and Wilma Film

Editorial Department AT:

Andrea Bogad-Radatz/ORF

Andrea Seyfried-Artner/ORF



Subsidy Agencies:

Fernsehfonds Austria


Land Niederösterreich


Nora Arnezeder


Prod. Manager

Thomas Pascher

Gérard Lanvin

Joffrey de Peyrac


Thomas Berliner

Simon Abkarian


Set designer

Patrick Durand,
Florian Reichmann

Tomer Sisley

Philippe de


Jacqueline Ebner,
A. Rettenbacher, D. Somos

Miguel Herz-Kestranek

Marquis de

Make up

Pascal Thiollier,
Michaela Oppl, Flore Masson