Year: 2015
Locations: Berlin, Marseille
Script: Dr. Andrea Stoll
Novel: Lily Brett
Director: Isabel Kleefeld
Camera: Rainer Klausmann

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Chuzpe - You Gotta Have Balls!


After living in Australia for six decades, Edek (Dieter Hallervorden) dares starting a new life, by moving to Berlin. As a Holocaust survivor he and his wife made a new home in Melbourne. However his daughter Ruth (Anja Kling) wishes her father around, but the modern metropolis Berlin is quiet alien to Edek. Furthermore Ruth is restricting over 80 year old Edek with unnecessary care. Even though son-in-law Georg (Hans-Jochen Wagner) and grandson Zacharias (Tilmann Pörzgen) try to look after him, too, the hale widower feels alone and needless. Edek fails by trying to fit in daughter Ruths communications agency. On top of the chaos, he remembers old travelling companion cheerful Zofia (Franziska Troegner) and her friend Valentina (Natalia Bobyleva) he met one year ago in Marseille. Ever since being back in Australia, he was hoping for a reunion. With a little help from grandson Zacharias and the Internet he goes out in search of the pleasant Polish women. By becoming his new roommates, Zofia and Valentina bring a lot of fun and joy in Edeks daily life. Next to Zofias strapping body shape, its her polish meatballs that make Edek go into raptures. The trio considers the Idea of opening a Meatball-Restaurant. That means horror for Ruth – this is not the quite evening of life she had in mind for her father. Nevertheless the three of them follow their business concept full of enthusiasm by renting a vacant salesroom in a bad neighbourhood, far away from any public traffic …


Editorial Department: Diane Wurzschmitt / ARD Degeto
Dr. Andrea Seyfried-Artner / ORF



Dieter Hallervorden


Prod. Manager

Natalie Clausen

Anja Kling



Matthias Richter

Tilman Pörzgen


Set designer

Juliane Friedrich

Troegner Franziska



Silke Faber

Bobyleva Natalia


Make up

P. Bour / R. Krämer
A. von Gwinner