Year: 2015
Genre: Drama
Locations: Vienna
Script: Lars Becker & Bernhard Wutka
Director: Lars Becker
Camera: Sebastian Edschmied
Cutter: Sanjeev Hathiramani
Music: Stefan Wulff & Hinrich Dageför

Meine fremde Frau


Home care nurse Maria Hofer (Ursula Strauss) gets hit by a car, when leaving a Viennese Coffehouse. She is injured badly by a hit-and-run driver. Maria goes into coma for a short period of time and suffers from retrograde amnesia after she was awakened from coma. She’s not able to remember the accident, her husband Bruno (Harald Krassnitzer) neither their two kids, not even her own name. Her family tries to lead Maria back into her old life, step by step.

Bruno, who works a state prosecutor, and his friend and detective superintendent Freddy Turek (Dominik Warta) leave no stone unturned to convict the person who caused the accident. Only witness is Lukas Horvath (Philipp Hochmair), himself conductor at the Vienna State Opera, but his statement is unusable: He keeps it a secret, that he has been Marias’ secret lover and also the two of them had a date at the coffee house, before the accident took place.

When the police finds the car that had hit Maria, influential building contractor Toni Lorant (Nicholas Ofczarek) and his wife Gloria (Jasmin Great) get charged with the crime. Although Lorant had reported his car to the police as stolen, Bruno is not giving up and runs into contradictions during his research. When he is about to find out, Horwaths presence at the accident location hasn’t happened at random, the events are overturning. Will Maria be able to get her memory back and will Bruno be in the position to save the common family life?

Editorial Department: Anja Helmling-Grob / ZDF
Andrea Seyfried-Artner / ORF
Subsidy Agencies: Fernsehfonds Austria
Filmfonds Wien



Ursula Strauss

Maria Hofer

Prod. Manager

Thomas Pascher

Harald Krassnitzer

Bruno Hofer


Thomas Szabolcs

Freddy Turek

Dominik Warta

Set designer

Bertram Reiter

Nicholas Ofczarek

Toni Lorant


Fana Becker

Jasmin Gerat

Gloria Lorant

Make up

Daniela Skala

Philipp Hochmair

Lukas Horvath