Year: 2014
Genre: Historical drama
Locations: Vienna,
Lower Austria
Script: Rainer Berg
Director: Urs Egger
Camera: Thomas Kiennast
Cutter: Andrea Mertens
Music: Marius Ruhland

Madame Nobel


based on the stage play "Mr. & Mrs. Nobel" by Esther Vilar

Were they secret lovers? The Austrian pacifist Bertha von Suttner and Alfred Nobel, the "Dynamite King”, were linked by a unique friendship. There were intense encounters and numerous letters - between the lines can be found feathery and life wisely evidence of a great and truthful, but never lived out love of the two. In the foreground is Bertha, sat between the chairs as an impoverished Countess Kinsky, who has to fight for her place in life at the age of 30. As an extremely confident woman she steps into a severe conflict of emotions: Here the younger man, Suttner, her husband, promising passion, and there the older, thoughtful Nobel, incredibly rich, with whom she feels and thinks in a kindred spirit. So Bertha finds herself in an existential case: With Suttners name she becomes a famous writer, internationally respected, but the more successful she is, the more she must save her husband’s family from bankruptcy and the less she - the peace activist – can officially commit herself to Alfred, the "Merchant of Death”. The conflict reveals their ideal share in Alfred’s donation, unique document of humanity - would the Nobel Prices ever had come without this unique love story behind them?

Co-Producer: Wilma Film s.r.o.

Editorial Department:

Birgit Titze, Sascha Schwingel/ARD Degeto

Amke Ferlemann/BR

Andrea Seyfried-Artner/ORF



Subsidy Agencies:

Fernsehfonds Austria


Filmfonds Wien


FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Kulturförderung des Landes Niederösterreich
ROMY 2015 - nomination in the category "Best Production"


Birgit Minichmayr

Bertha von Suttner

Prod. Manager

Thomas Pascher

Sebastian Koch

Alfred Nobel


Thomas Szabolcs

Philipp Hochmair

Arthur von Suttner

Set designer

Florian Reichmann

Joseph Lorenz



Birgit Hutter

Sona MacDonald


Make up

Monika Fischer-Vorauer/
A. Meixner/K. Strobel