Year: 2016
Script: Nils Willbrandt
Director: Nils Willbrandt
Camera: Peter Nix
Cutter: Mona Bräuer
Music: Stefan Will, Marco Dreckkötter

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On first impression, nothing appears out of the ordinary in Pregau. But scratch the surface of this small Austrian town, and you’ll uncover a terrifying underbelly of lies, corruption and violence.
Police officer Hannes Bucher knows this. It’s why he has done all that he can to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. But when you’re married into the Hartmann family clan that unofficially controls the town, it doesn’t matter where you go, trouble will always find you.

One night, after a momentary lapse in judgement, Hannes sparks a chain reaction of events that threatens to tear apart his family, and the once quiet world of Pregau. With the bodies starting to pile up around him, Hannes desperately tries to cover up his crimes, but finds himself spiralling deeper into trouble.
Soon, there is nowhere left to run and no-one left to trust. The more Hannes tries to conceal his secrets, the more he uncovers the extent of the Hartmanns’ criminal operation; from high-level corruption and coercion, to prostitution and human trafficking. The family control the town, and Hannes is beginning to realise just how far they will go to ensure it stays that way.

Editorial Department: Claudia Grässel & Sascha Schwingel / ARD Degeto
Andrea Bogad-Radatz & Andrea Seyfried-Artner / ORF
Subsidy Agencies RTR - Fernsehfonds Austria
Land Salzburg



Maximilian Brückner

Hannes Bucher

Prod. Manager

Thomas Pascher,

Ursula Strauss

Maria Bucher


Robert Opratko

Robert Palfrader

Matthias Hecker

Line Producer

Alfred Strobl

Armin Rohde

Max Dirrmeyer

SoundSet designer

Thomas Szabolcs

Marc Hosemann

Tom Dirrmeyer

Set designer

Verena Wagner

Patricia Aulitzky

Edith Rieder


Catherina Czepek

Wolfgang Böck

Johann Hartmann

Make Up

Martin Geisler,

Karl Fischer

Elias Hartmann


Ines Steininger

Nikolai Gemel




Antoine Monot Jr.

Manuel Brandstetter



Wolfram Berger

Ferdinand Oswald



Frederic Linkemann

Franz Kellermann



Thomas Stipsits

Pfarrer Stöckl



Antonia Jung

Sanda Bucher



Thomas Schubert




Visnja Sretenovic




Zoe Straub




Helmut Berger

Hölzl Senior



Harald Schrott

Wenzl Feichtinger



Petra Morzé

Annegret Feichtinger



Gerhard Liebmann

Günther Snoopy Prechtl



Michael Glantschnig

Gregor Hölzl



Helmut Häusler




Jevgenij Sitochin

Sergej Vassiliev