Year: 2015
Genre: Culture-Clash-Comedy
Locations: Upper Bavaria, Munich, Thailand
Director: Sven Bohse
Camera: Henner Besuch
Cutter: Ronny Mattas

Search for Happiness


Joe (Stafan Murr) lives on a farm in Upper Bavaria with his father Hans (Michael Gwisdek). When suddenly young Lamai (Mai Duong Kieu) from Koh Samui is standing in front of their door, Joe finds himself caught in an unpleasant situation: He got married to her on a vacation with old friend and village priest Othmar (Simon Schwarz) and since that time he kept his bride Lamai a secret.
Against all odds and difficulties Joe is happy about the unannounced visit of his young wife and so he wants to turn over a new life with her – very much to the irritation of his father. When Joe dies a heart attack, during his first love night with Lamai, the situation escalates. Joes last will decrees that his legacy and with it the whole farm is meant for Lamai. Now she is not just getting insulted and abused by her father in law, also the whole village has made her the victim of their mobbing – particularly beautician Wiebke (Marlene Morreis), Joes ex-wife, that wants her own part of the legacy, is playing tricks on her.
However Lamai insists on her rights and tries everything in her power to whip the farm into shape again and she suspects Hans tough on the outside, soft on the inside, not without good reason. The ensuring chaos becomes even greater, whean Lamai’s mother Sua (Soogi Kang) and her small son Preecha (Liang Fan) arrive from Thailand. However Hans is not able to resist the charm Preecha spreads. When suddenly Lamai and her family are being exiled, Hans takes an unexpectedly decision…

Editorial Department: Carolin Haasis / ARD Degeto



Michael Gwisdek

Hans Polack

Prod. Manager

Steffen Malzacher

Stefan Murr

Joe Pollack


Bela Golya

Mai Duong Kieu


Set designer

Christine Caspari

Simon Schwarz

Othmar (priest)


Carola Raum

Robert Palfrader


Make up

Ruth Ute Wagner